This Week’s Tweets

  • I don't really like talking about my flair. #
  • Pretty sure my face exploded on that descent. The expressions of my fellow passengers seems to confirm my theory. #
  • Damn, San Fran! How do I always forget just how cute you are? #
  • Best. Bathroom. Ever. The walls are covered in white leather. I shit thee not. #
  • LA, you are kicking my ass…and you're doing it in obscenely spikey heels. Uncle. #
  • RT @subWOW @BugginWord Your craft site has been nominated! Congrats @craftastrophe! #
  • Can't wait to get home and stick my cat's head in my mouth. #
  • …oh and see my husband. Probably did that in the wrong order. #
  • We interrupt this day with more meds and a disco nap BECA– USE WE CAN. God, it's good to be home. Here kitty, kitty. #
  • RT @thehiphophippie: Follow @LivitLuvit, my favorite contestant in the @MTVTJ search for MTV’s first Twitter Jockey! #zyncmtvtj in reply to thehiphophippie #

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