This Week’s Tweets

  • Made strawberry pancakes for breakfast, now I'm whipping up some strawberry ice cream. Word to the Hoboken Farmers Market. #
  • Today's lesson: Some messes are far too big to lick up. Even when strawberry ice cream is involved. ESPECIALLY when a kitten is involved. #
  • Proof we should require licenses for glue guns: Even Corey Hart Wouldn’t Wear These At Night @craftastrophe #
  • A beautiful tribute to the Man in Black: Johnny Cash Project #
  • Just spent 20 minutes looking for the bra I was already wearing. #ISuckAtPacking #
  • Detroit rock city! I just spent two hours sitting next to a grown man cuddling his stuffed monkey. Bodes well for my week, eh? #
  • Flying from Detroit to Chicago, the kid in front of me kept screaming he could see Texas. It did seem like a long flight… #
  • Ecplain this to me, Chicago – I'm staying at theWit and I still can't get in to the roof bar? #
  • Be the buffalo. Be the buffalo. Be the buffalo… #
  • Once, just once, I'd like for help to magically appear when I touch my earring and say, "Showtime, Synergy." #
  • Pelicans give me the creeps. #ThanksJoe @BPGlobalPR in reply to BPGlobalPR #
  • Dear world, I seem to be having a chemo brain relapse…or I'm channeling Sarah Palin. Regardless, you should probably ignore me today. #


  1. Possible explanations for the stuffed monkey…

    1)It is all he has left of his dead girlfriend, who’s funeral he’s returning from.
    2)He’s on his way to visit his estranged son.
    3) He is really scared of traveling, agoraphobic is that the right one?
    4)He is a serial killer.

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