This Week’s Tweets

  • Take a look at this heartbreaking photo from the Gulf – then sign the petition to get America off of oil: #MoveOn #
  • Tornado warnings in Hoboken. I'm currently rethinking my choice of a skirt today-as are all the other gals I see trying to hold theirs down. #
  • Step away from the glitter. I repeat, STEP AWAY FROM THE GLITTER. @craftastrophe #
  • Why do brownies always taste like more? #
  • I would LOVE to carry around my very own Jane Lynch. New IPhone 4 Ad #
  • I smell pancakes. Clearly I have no choice but to systematically search my building, confiscate the cakes, and get my maple syrup on. #
  • I'm off to buy bacon. RT @danitosupreme #
  • The only thin better than hanging in Bryant Park? Hanging in the park with a BEER. Just me and a couple hundred of my buds. #
  • Please tell me it's a full moon. Just spent three minutes talking to some weirdo while he rubbed his face with stuffed animals on 8th ave. #
  • Off to Governor's Island to enjoy a day of Figment. #
  • Attention NYC! Get thee to Governor's Island. You are missing out on pure magic. #figment #


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