This Week’s Tweets

  • My hair is greasier than Robert Pattinson's. If I just had some glitter, I could totally change careers. #
  • I found an extra special @craftastrophe for the holiday! Happy Memorial Day! #
  • Had a lovely afternoon napping on the pier…until I took a shuttlecock to the crotch. Next time I'll camp farther from the badmitton net. #
  • I've tried seven different allergy meds so far and I still feel like BP has tapped my sinus wells. I'm about to knock over the CVS. #
  • Thanks, darling! RT @BriskKnits: Love it @bugginword! Be the Buffalo in reply to BriskKnits #
  • I'm so happy I could float away. Fortunately I have my big ass to keep me grounded. #
  • Driving in flip flops hurts my toegina. The things I do for the crack they sell at Trader Joe's. #
  • Obviously I HAD to buy these. #

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