This Week’s Tweets

  • I love you Manhattan and I'm really glad we're spending the day together. But damn, baby – you stink. Woof. #
  • I was just run over by Gloria Gaynor after she made a surprise appearance at "Girl's Night." #
  • Is this a @craftastrophe or an artistic statement about getting screwed by the airlines? I'm so confused. #
  • My neighbor just received a huge box with "NUTS ONLINE" printed on the side. I bet the contents aren't as funny as what I'm imagining. #
  • Suck THAT, Lymphoma! Officially eighteen months in remission… and counting. #fuckcancer #
  • EPA can make BP pay. Sign our petition to @lisajackson & help block billions in BP federal contracts. @CREDOmobile #
  • Have to leave the house while people browse my apt. Did I mention my stomach hurts and I ate Indian for dinner? #AccidentWaitingToHappen #
  • The perils of working from home: Rocco called an impromptu meeting in the odoriferous bathroom to update me on his graying pubes. *sigh* #
  • Went to Macy's lingerie department to find underthings for Bridezilla. Left with an ensemble for my next tennis match. #
  • Another bottle of wine and I'm gonna be all, "Hay thaylors…." #fleetweek #


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