This Week’s Tweets

  • If the leg warmers had been part of the package, I'd be wearing this bad boy right now. Or not. @craftastrophe #
  • Do I really have to go out to get my eyebrows waxed? *Eyes roll of duct tape with a combo of curiosity and inspiration.* #
  • I can hardly wait to see naked pictures of @marymac and Leonardo DiCrappy-o. I can't focus on anything else. #
  • Suck it "surprised kitty." Mildred couldn't care less. Unsurprised Kitty – #
  • Look what showed up in the mail! Just shoved this little man in a flower pot. Bring on the offers. #
  • Look where I am! I haven't even been smited…yet. #
  • I seem to be developing a "bit" of a reputation. Can you sue for slander if it's true? @pugalistatrest #
  • I'm even less patient with the Yankees game when I know that NPH is sitting on my DVR – waiting to wow me with his mad Glee skillz. #
  • I'm crabbier than Lindsay Lohan's couch cushions. #
  • Can someone please explain to me why you'd ever own ducks. And if you did, why would you put them in a row? #
  • I need a disco nap. It was a bad day to be a shoe. #

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  1. You know, the nap you take on a Friday afternoon so you have energy to get your disco on later? Also, I suppose it could be any nap involving glitter and platform shoes.

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