This Week’s Tweets

  • This thing confuses me so much I can't even come up with a snarky comment. @craftastrophe #
  • Perspective can change everything. RT @AnissaMayhew: apparently, a few months in a coma can change your whole mind about some things. in reply to AnissaMayhew #
  • Can I just call in unmotivated today? #
  • Don't cook a frozen pizza immediately before an apt. viewing – unless you can do it without setting the place on fire. Cue smoke alarms. #
  • My friend @subwow shares her thoughts on BP – I couldn't have said it better. But I would have used more expletives. #
  • …and I'm holding yet another new Palm Pre. I've lost count of how many they've replaced. This is probably Webster 19.0. Fingers crossed. #
  • Mildred is plum tuckered out from her long journey across two whole rivers. #
  • Obviously I won't be getting much done today. #
  • Apparently Mildred doesn't like Mingus either. Good kitty. #

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  1. This might seem strange, but it’s really not.

    This is the second time this week I’ve considered stalking a blogger and stealing her cat when she wasn’t home.

    Hahahahahahaha! Just kidding!

    Not really. Leave the cat where I can get to her, and no one gets hurt.
    .-= Sarah P´s last blog ..Indian Jones and the Fire of Truth =-.

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