This Week’s Tweets

  • I'm making out like a Broadway bandit! Two shows today then Easter Bonnets tomorrow. Hells yeah! #
  • Ever have nightmares about the Olsen Twins? Would you like to? @craftastrophe #
  • When a Monday starts without a brownie it can't possibly be good – pouring rain, towed cars, and Rod Stewart on the radio. Summabitch. #
  • I'm pretty sure someone parked a mack truck in my colon. #
  • Gas spills, racial profiling, anti-abortion legislation, creepy food regulation – THAT's why I hide from the news. Where'd I put that rock? #
  • I think HP broke my phone already. #
  • I can't read the words "Amuse Bouche" without being completely amused myself. I should probably get out more. #
  • Day two of no phone. Elly is not a happy girl. Wait, I'm still a girl. Just not happy. I'm gonna stop now. #


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