This Week’s Tweets

  • Seems my iPod is feeling a little sappy. Quick, someone lend me a lighter. ♫ #
  • You know it's an extra bad craft when it inspires Jesus to roll his eyes. RT @craftastrophe Bedazzled be thy Jesus #
  • Ah! There's nothing more conducive to productivity than the rumble of asphalt stripping machinery and the smell of hot tar. #hoboken #
  • The entrance to my building smells like a sewage treatment plant. That has got to be good for resale, right? #
  • Calling all Atlanta and Chicago foodies. Where should I book a private dinner for 25 trendy peeps? I'll owe you a margarita… #
  • With a client and can't stop fidgeting because something keeps scratching my back. Just realized it's the tags on my new bra. I'm a dork. #
  • William Shatner is better than caffeine. Yay friday! #
  • And I thought I was bad with my little aluminum wine carafe. RT @craftastrophe Have Box, Will Travel …. #
  • Looking at houses in Spring is like grocery shopping while hungry. #

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