This week’s tweets

  • Sorry Aloysius, I don’t have enough brain for word games today. Nobody hand me anything fragile. That includes adorable babies. #
  • I was starting to worry we’d see nothing but soybeans on this leg…but there’s the corn!! Next stop Florence, KY. #
  • I just consumed more caffeine than I would have previously believed humanly possible. Must. Find. A. Park. #
  • Back in the car and heading north to OH! (IO!) #
  • I love phone conversations that end with “Oh hell, I gotta go…The baby just crapped all over the floor and is rolling around in it.” #
  • After five days in Ohio eating like Rocco, I’ve started to smell like him, too. #
  • Driving through Cincinnati for the 6th (and hopefully last) time this trip. I’m almost starting to miss the smell of low tide. #
  • Nevermind, I think I’m glad I wasn’t on the Hoboken waterfront today. The Hudson needs its own air traffic controller. #
  • Should be back in the ‘boken in a mere 12 hours. Mmmm more corn. #
  • To cap off the 12 hour drive, I’ll be spending the next 30 min or so in search of a parking space. I missed you, Hoboken. #

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