This Week’s Tweets

  • Looks like it was a good Saturday night in Hoboken. #
  • Surfing Etsy, looking for tomorrow's @craftastrophe. Some people really shouldn't have access to glue guns. #
  • What gal doesn't want to put a little hair on her chest? RT @craftastrophe #
  • I have honey all over my phone and forehead, but no good story to explain why. What a waste. #
  • Every site I visit is covered in strange symbols and boxes. Something weird is happening with my Mac or aliens are coming for me. Again. #
  • It can't be a bad day if it starts with a made from scratch (but not made by me of course) brownie, right? #
  • I'm pretty sure I have an ear cramp. #
  • Please stop using the word "internet" as a verb. It's weird. The end. #
  • What do you think is more important for a day full of meetings – all the client materials, or a wallet so you can get to and from meetings? #
  • Oh dear refine-sugar-filled and caffeine-infused bubbly beverage, I now remember why I loved you so. #PepsiForBreakfast #
  • I have reason to believe a pack of Sumo wrestlers have moved into the apartment above me and are now practicing their tap dance routine. #
  • Two bottles of wine plus an intense debate on team Edward vs team Jacob really makes me pine for Ron Weasley. #


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