This Week’s Tweets

  • Happy mimosa, peep and chocolate egg day! #
  • We need an argument referee. Is it really a bad idea to color eggs with sharpies? #
  • Some people shouldn't have access to a pottery studio. Also, I shouldn't have access to the internet. @craftastrophe #
  • Can we wrap up this halftime thing and move on to Duke winning the championship already? #
  • Yay Vermont!! RT @storyofstuff VT Senate Adopts BPA Restrictions #
  • I'm going to try technical stuff again. This is probably a good time to go clean your bomb shelter and hide from the impending doom. #
  • Someday I'd like to have the photoshop skillz of @hellachella. Edward Cullen: The Lost Years. #twilight #
  • You know how some days are just perfect? When the sun is bright, the breeze is warm, the brain is clear, and everyone is witty? Yeah. Yummy. #
  • Here's a visual. Wanna come play? #
  • Due to an unfortunate glitter incident, I am now running late and really, really sparkly. #
  • So yesterday three different people offered me three different non-writing gigs. Today my site explodes. Who gave the cosmos a bull horn? #
  • Quick! Before the vampires crash my site again! I can prove they are real. Two words: Demi Moore. #
  • Headed into town for a 3 o'clock appt to let some stranger fondle my boobs and sell me bras. Wish me luck – and warm hands. #
  • Is it weird that I want to make out with Tina Fey? Don't answer that. #snl #


  1. I love your tweets. I missed them alot this week. April 19th I get my new phone~ the backflip. I will never miss another Elly tweet again. Oh yeah. I’m just that cool.

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..I’m back…sort of… =-.

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