This Week’s Tweets

  • I made a difference by donating my voice for clean #water #
  • Duke, Duke, Duke, DUKE!! This calls for more wine. #
  • My parents are driving home to Vagina today. Being the best daughter ever, I found them this commemorative plate. #
  • I have a mantra to deal with this weather. Repeat after me: at least it's not snow, at least it's not snow, at least it's not snow. #
  • Here's hoping Alice in 3D doesn't leave me as nauseus as Avatar…wondering if I should have asked for an empty popcorn tub. #
  • It's official. I'm not allowed to watch any more movies in 3D. It's just not worth the nausea. Coincidentally, neither is Fox News. #
  • Sailor spottings in Herald Square – it's like my own private Fleet Week. Yum. #
  • Beware Interwebz – I'm about to try and do technical stuff which pretty much ensures the entire Internet will explode in a ball of flame. #
  • I WILL go to the grocery store. I WILL go to the grocery store. I WILL go to the grocery store. *sigh* The things I do for Prosecco. #
  • I #blamecancer that @subWOW isn't sipping a cocktail on a beach – and for my headache. (in honor of @justchristinah) #
  • Driving in Jersey is a full contact sport. #
  • I never really wanted an iPhone until THIS moment. RT @gizmodo CatPaint Single-Pawedly Justifies Existence of App Store. #
  • Very busy breaking my personal record for number of times I can set off the smoke alarm in a single day. I should stick to mixing drinks. #
  • I do so love those boys in blue. I almost want to lick Coach K. Almost. Maybe after Monday night. #


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