This Week’s Tweets

  • Ever wanted to decapitate those Twilight guys? Someone already has. Glitter needed, STAT. #
  • When rock stars look frumpy and filthy it's heroin chic but when I skip the shower it's disgusting? Note to self: tune guitar. #
  • My parents are on their way to Dirty Jersey for a nice long visit. It feels like Christmas morning. I should probably go pick up wine… #
  • Sign in and spread the word of this incredible clean #water story in Ethiopia's Mai-ba village: #
  • They're heeeee-eeeeer. I'm so excited I could piddle. I should probably give Mom dibs though since she's been in the car for nine hours. #
  • Every 15 seconds a child dies from unclean #water Let's take action together: #
  • So I showed up with ridiculously high expectations and it's even better than I dreamed. I'm LOVING Billy Elliot. #
  • Trying to keep Mom from staring at the couple making out on the bus. I can't tell if she's just really tired or looking for pointers. #
  • FollowFriday supporters @water, @onecampaign #
  • The Fantastic Mr. Fox was not fantastic. There I said it. #
  • The Weather Channel plays movies? Are they out of weather? #
  • At HAIR with the rents. Mom decided she "needs something with hair on it." Dad says, "I guess I don't qualify." Could they be any cuter? #


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