This Week’s Tweets

  • Just saw a guy walking down the street in a white fluffy bath robe, hiking boots and a top hat. Morning. #
  • I know I'm really new at this mac thing, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it's bad news when the power button doesn't do anything. #
  • If I owned a black light I would totally buy this bad boy. RT @craftastrophe Pink Pachyderm #
  • This makes me painfully happy for no good reason. #
  • "Lodi dodi, we likes ta pahty." I got the music working finally! Too bad I broke the wireless network. #
  • Corey Haim?!? Oh how I loved to rip him out of Tiger Beat. I wonder if I still have a copy of Dream a Little Dream… #
  • Why can't I stop singing "I effing love Princess Leia?" #
  • I just bought tix for Straight Up Vampire (the musical!) this Sat at Joe's Pub. So stoked! #
  • Pizza is just about the best breakfast ever. #
  • Interesting fact: My water bottle holds exactly one bottle of wine. Coincidence? Wedding dress shopping is looking up. #
  • My entire building smells like potting soil. I do so love flooding. #hoboken #
  • Also flooding is a strange looking word. Why isn't it pronounced flewding? I think I'm going to start… #
  • Out to dinner in the village where I found corndogs listed in the salad section of the menu. I HAVE to order them, right? #


  1. It’s pretty much been my answer to everything this week. I mean really, give me a question where “Hans, that lucky bastard, is boning my girl” or “I fucking love Princess Leia” doesn’t fit?? I might mention that my family is beginning to get annoyed…

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..And the culprit was… =-.

    1. Best thing I’ve eaten EVER. Seriously that corn dog has me singing arias. I don’t even like hot dogs. By the way, how can you tell a hot dog is kosher? Is it the lack of a foreskin? See? I am so poorly versed in hot dog vernacular.

  2. Yeah your all innocent and sweet with your weekly tweets but let’s talk for a minute about what is happening over at craftastrophe.
    Holy fuck a duck.
    You could have given me a bath in turpentine and arsenic and it would have been less traumatic than having seen that.
    The pink elephant had me fooled into thinking that as I clicked away like a moron it would be something unusual and fun. No, instead I ended up looking at what appear to be zombie soul stealers made up of real human parts.
    My fucking hairy monkey can sleep with me now because I’ve come to realize that true evil is really out there.
    Those things are a NIGHTMARE!
    So to sum up.
    I am very frightened and I don’t want those things to jump out of my closet when I put away laundry.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Spring? =-.

  3. I sort of like the smell of potting soil… Though I’ve yet to smell it post- flewding.

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