This Week’s Tweets

  • Um. Canada? #
  • Well hello sunny, non-arctic, snow-free day! Sit down and stay awhile. Can I buy you a drink? #
  • High fashion on the streets of Hoboken. #
  • Don't tell, but I may have cried a little watching the footage of Roger Ebert on Oprah. What a fantastic attitude! #
  • I'm sitting at a bar and trying to explain to my friends that their offer to let us "try out" their sex swing is inappropriate. Honestly. #
  • I am giddy with anticipation! I think I finished a piece last night so time for a new canvas… #
  • New project! I'm going to build a house with all those wine bottles I keep emptying. #
  • It's here! It's here! Squeee!!! #
  • Snafu. To you mac nerds out there, is there any way I can get my old Outlook emails in this mac thing? A converter for .pst or something? #
  • Holy God how did I forget that tomorrow is St Patrick's Day in Hoboken? Think I can talk the bride into drinking instead of dress shopping? #
  • Is there an equivalent of ctrl alt delete on these bitches? ARGH!!! The spinny thing is even worse than the hour glass me thinks. #
  • The drunken woos and aww yeahs have already started. It's going to be a long, green vomit filled St Patty's Day in Hoboken. #
  • I spent the day uncomfortably close to a bevy of butt bows, then elbowed my way through hordes of green clothed drunks to get home. Yay. #

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  1. for mac issues.

    or google your problem and often info is there.

    missed you this weekend.

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