This Week’s Tweets

  • The bacon bouquet – Day 7. #
  • Damn. I ALMOST caught the door before it swung shut and locked me out. This is gonna suck. #
  • If I become a hockey announcer, can I get away with describing things as “tremendously tremendous?” #
  • I’m jogging a victory lap around the block and doing my best Rocky shuffle. Here’s to 15 months…and counting. #
  • Obviously @mediatemple uses PC’s because they seem to have as much computer trouble as I do. *sigh* So much for today’s post. Grumble. #
  • I hate that I don’t even know enough to know what I don’t know, you know? #
  • It’s snowing again (oh the sheer joy) and I have neither eggs, nor bread, nor milk. I’m the worst southerner ever. #
  • Hold me, Interwebz. I’m frightened. I think I just bought a mac. The snow has frozen my good sense. #
  • Oh hell and now my cat has the hiccups. Coincidence or another sign of the apocalypse? Good news is I get to try and scare them out of her. #
  • Suck it, snow. I’ve got a whole bag of cashews and half a case of wine. I can wait you out. Give it up and go home already. #
  • Writing a post on the weird shit you people send me. If you’ve got something juicy that makes you scream “Elly!” send it along. #
  • Someone please strap me to this chair and don’t let me up until my taxes are done. Also might need you to take away my internet connection. #
  • Know what I’m doing instead of my taxes? Watching this video over and over and over… #


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