This Week’s Tweets

  • I think I'll call her Kateybo. I think I'll also call her done. #
  • Unicorns happen – RT @pugalistatrest: This Post Is Entirely For Elly: #
  • Headache, nausea, dehydration…I think I have an Avatar hangover. Can't decide if it was the plot or 3D that hurt more. #
  • Boo. Hiss. Fluffy, icky, frozen shit is falling from the sky again. Wake me when it's June. #
  • I wish I'd had one of these during chemo. #
  • I'm starting to think TweetDeck is killing my computer. Anybody using something they like better? #
  • Watching the paramedics patch up a gal that fell on the ice across the street. Note to self: DO NOT LEAVE APARTMENT or you will BLEED. #
  • I just tried to make tea in my cereal bowl. This bodes well for my day… #
  • …and then my computer died. Apparently I'm going to spend my day trying to back up what files I can salvage. So much for writing… #
  • Aw thanks for trying kids. I just stepped in a steaming pile of cat hurl which made me throw my netbook so things aren't looking any better. #
  • Let the reformatting begin… #
  • What are the odds my smoke detector going off is related to my general electronic skillz today? #
  • You know what's great about wiping your computer and starting all over again with a seven year old machine? NOT A GODDAMN THING. #
  • Really mac people? The apple store intimidates the bejeezus out of me. I need more convincing…and to maybe sell a kidney. #
  • So I have almost a quarter of my programs working on the resurrected 'puter. That's as good as it gets, but enough to delay a new one. #
  • It's MUCH colder out than I thought. The things I do for free tickets… #


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