This week’s tweets

  • Let the 12 hour drive begin. #
  • …and the great cornfield tour of '09 continues. Next stop – Wheaton, IL. #
  • I'm losing my shower fresh feeling at Wrigley. I can't see the penalty box from these seats, though. #
  • Granted I know very little about baseball, but how is there a rain delay if it isn't raining? Oh beer guy, come hither. #
  • Moving right along, dugga dung, dugga dung…next stop Dixon, IL. #
  • Is there any better way to get ready for a family reunion than explaining pearl necklaces to your aunts and mother? What next? #
  • En route to Toledo. In search of a salad…with corn. #
  • Just drove by the RV Hall of Fame and…wait for it…a whole mess 'o corn. #
  • We're safe and sound in Toledo and have no intentions of getting anywhere near a car until the next leg of the tour (Tuesday). #


  1. Loved the tweets – you are so funny! The uke version of 500 miles is fantastic too. I have been out of touch with all the blogs I follow for a long time because of school and illness but I am back. I subscribe to your YouTube channel and it brought me many a smile through some tough times! Thank you! 🙂

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