This Week’s Tweets

  • The snow covered mountains with their forests of leafless trees remind me of Robin Williams' back. #
  • Someone please explain to my husband that a traffic cop would totally accept "but we're missing the Grammys" as a valid reason for speeding. #
  • RT @Ieatmykidzsnack: Where is Kanye when you really need him? in reply to Ieatmykidzsnack #
  • I'm loving this post. Pull the damn ad already, CBS. #
  • I have a hot date with some hot wings. Other people optional. #
  • Summabitch! Someone please tell me the white flakey stuff falling from the sky is glitter. Snow. Boo. Hiss. #
  • Note to self: Next time I go to the grocery store, I should bring my wallet. #
  • I mention in passing that I'm thinking about getting another cat and suddenly I've got an inbox full of kitten pics. Want. Dangerous. #
  • Anybody out there ever used a yogurt maker? Was it all that you dreamed it would be? Recommendations? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi… #
  • Monet AND Tim Burton? I lurv the MoMA. #
  • Some days the world just seems to drip with beauty. PS I like those days. #
  • What's a sure fire way to make me cancel my Friday night plans and ditch the Lady Gaga impersonator show? 100% chance of snow. Boo. Hiss. #
  • It's impossible not to smile listening to this song. Even when there's snow involved. ♫ #


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