This Week’s Tweets

  • I love learning that the water I found covering my bathroom last night is the result of my upstair neighbor's toilet overflow. Yummers. #
  • Just downloaded the Justin Timberlake / Charlie Sexton cover of Hallelujah from #HopeForHaiti. Most enjoyable charity work I've ever done. #
  • Nothing like a rainy day filled with painting and listening to Travis to improve a gal's mood. #
  • One hour and a mere $300 later, I have a working bathroom again! #
  • …and then the exhaust fan broke. I had a fully functioning bathroom for under 2 hours. I thought Mercury was out of retrograde. #
  • Aw yeah, I fix things. You are no match for me, you lazy, no-good computer. #
  • Damnit. I also break things. Hard drive go boom. That can't be good. #
  • In today's performance of Elly's face, the role of eyebrows will be played by two wooly caterpillars. This girl needs to groom. #
  • Snowing. Boo. Hiss. I'm ready to get the flock out of this state and home to Carolina! #
  • This confuses me. #
  • In other news, 2.5 hrs later we've traveled a whopping 67 miles. It seems a raw sewage spill really slows down traffic. #
  • We're officially in the South when Rocco can get his hands on this snack. #
  • The morning has already taken an interesting turn. Thom feels pretty today, apparently. #
  • Dear Snow, I hate you. Quit following me. #
  • Oh dear God – my mother just yelled, "Don't make me slap a bitch." #
  • Since Dad's retirement party was canceled due to snow (boo, hiss), Rocco's coaching the boys on their Mango ass slaps instead. Snap! #


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