This week’s tweets

  • I spent far too many hours randomly surfing today. I saw some sick, sick things…and not all on my site. Now I will boil my eyes. #
  • Long underwear AND two wool sweaters may have been excessive. Holy hotflash, Batman. #
  • ….and this is where all my cumulative work experiences converge: #
  • Time to reunite my butt with it's long lost love the couch. #
  • I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with my hosting provider. Help me Interwebz! Who do you use and do you love them? #
  • Dig it – no "gender tests" required for membership. Thanks Abigail for keeping me entertained while my site is broken. #
  • Made a big ol' pot of potato soup and I couldn't be less interested in eating it. Sigh. #
  • Feeling decidedly unwell post potato soup consumption. Just remembered the chicken broth I used was from Thanksgiving. That was wise. #
  • Rocco is fussing because I'm not using the SlapChop. I can't help it. The thing scares me. It's power is too great. #
  • My heart hurts. A glass of wine turned into a night of cancer war stories…some battles still underway. Think healing thoughts, k? #
  • Totally distracted today. I have the attention span of a #
  • Dear Drunk Dude sitting next to me on the bus, even though the douche you're calling can't hear you, I CAN. Go away. #
  • P.S. You smell like the inside of a belly button. #
  • Somehow I managed to snort shampoo suds and a half cup of warm water through my nose while showering. This bodes well for baking… #
  • You look simply lovely tonight, Manhattan. #
  • Last night I dreamt I was a parrot. Then again, it might not have been a dream. #
  • SEriously @mediatemple? Do you just hate me? Website go boom. Again. #
  • I burnt chickpeas while BOILING them. I will now make the first batch of "Blackened Hummus" the world has ever seen. #
  • …and then I melted the blender. Can I just serve pizza at tomorrow's party? Martha would totally shank me if she saw this disaster. #
  • Is it just me, or is anyone else confused when comparing Johnny Damon and Jon Gosselin? #


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