This week’s tweets

  • – Father Christmas finally showed up in Hoboken and hurled in my livi ng room. Look at me go, Martha! #
  • Second guessing is stressful enough, my brain is going to hemorrhage now that I'm sixteenth guessing my decision. #freakythoughts #
  • Yes, it is unseasonably warm. No, it does not make me want icecream. I swear that Mr. Softee truck is following me. #Hoboken #
  • I've decided Rocco is too old for me to sleep on futons anymore. #
  • How about raising some money to fight cancer without cutting into your holiday budget?! #BlameDrewsCancer #
  • All I want for Christmas is a consistent hosting provider…and a parking space…and maybe a manservant. #
  • I'm having a day and not the good kind. Webster 4.0 is on his way. Starting to think the Palm Pre might not be perfect afterall. #
  • And then my external hard drive crashed. What's with me and the electronics? Mercury isn't in retrograde for another 10 days! Time to paint. #
  • Spent all those years worried I wasn't METAL enough. Just watched Gene Simmons talking to KLG and Hoda. Woof. I'm all better now, thanks. #
  • I can't get this song out of my head and I need to suck more people into my hell. Going to dig out my legwarme… ♫ #
  • Not only did my brother turn my cat blue, I now must vacuum up the array of snack foods he catapulted around my house. #
  • New game – when this song shuffles up, you must drink…and somehow lock iTunes so your husband can't add his m… ♫ #
  • Having two identical cell phones on my desk simultaneously is tee-otally messing with my head. #
  • Did I seriously just leave my apt voluntarily? I need to have my head examined. #
  • About this weather…I'm not leaving my apartment again until May. #
  • Off to Manhattan for brunch where I will undoubtedly consume several mimosas, fall repeatedly, and end up with my ass caked in ice and salt. #
  • – This guy is only slightly colder than I am. #
  • I could watch strangers eat meatballs off of toothpicks all night. Yay for holiday parties. #

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