This week’s tweets

  • In case you missed it, here's my Jersey-styled Holiday Gift to the world: #Hoboken #
  • I can't stop watching this I might have to go dig out some Will Smith now… Thanks, Brady! #
  • RT @drew: Remember, you can give the gift of life by raising cancer awareness and doing this: (pls RT) #
  • RT @erinr42: This is exactly, precisely how I feel about snow. – We hates it. #
  • I can take no more! Orange paint is making my eyes bleed. I will now go hold down the couch with my ass for a bit and watch bad TV. #
  • Last night I dreamt I was an old lady. I haven't done that in quite some time. Here's to getting old and a celebrating another year. Hugs! #
  • Seriously, I feel like the cup dispenser on the side of a water bubbler. The shit I do for the environment. #
  • It's akward to describe at the dinner table why I NEED the padded seat. Only four more days to go. #
  • Uncle. I tried. I am retiring my cup…or possibly making it into a Christmas ornament. Damn, grossed myself out again. #
  • My mother is trying to use OMG in a sentence. It hurts, but in a good way. #
  • Defeated. Is there really no where in Hoboken to find an organic Ham? Curse you snow for burrying my car so completely. #
  • Is there anything on earth more appetizing than frozen lettuce? I've got #threewordsforyou – ordering in rules! #
  • I know it's silly, ridiculously messy, and down right excessive but damnit, I can't help it – I frickin' LOVE glitter. There, I've said it. #
  • And finally it really IS the Night Before Xmas in Hoboken! Fingers crossed that actual vampires will be involved. #
  • Merry Happy, etc. Peep carnage in Hoboken. #
  • OH "I read US Weekly – I know everything"- From the mouth of my husband. #
  • We hit a record for Christmas Dinner '09. Counting only the red wine bottles, we bagged at least ten. You'd think my family was in town. #
  • Fighting with my new Xmas Kindle. So far he's winning. Time to threaten him with submersion in soapy water. #
  • I'm having a hard time remembering what it feels like when I'm not twitching from massive consumption of highly processed sugar. #
  • Off to try and squeeze a little more sunlight out of this super foxy day. THIS is how to do winter, people. Take notes, damnit. #
  • So far I've spotted Batman on a bicycle and a dude walking his cat down 5th ave on a leash. Is it a full moon? #
  • Street art from @joemangrum in Union Square. Yay! #

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