This week’s tweets

  • Both the chopped spinach and the blueberries live in white plastic bags in my freezer. Only one is good on oatmeal. #FAIL #
  • I know it's Monday and you feel icky, but this video will make you feel happy and alert…and disturbed. #
  • The upside of a $20 haircut is I don't feel like I was totally robbed when I hate it. Downside is I'm pretty much guaranteed to hate it. #
  • Tell the Senate Dem. Caucus: A health care deal w/out a #publicoption isn't a compromise, it's a capitulation. #
  • I can't possibly eat turkey yet again. Every day since Tgiving – turkey. Next year I'M ordering the turkey. 15lbs for 5 people, my ass. #
  • Just saw Santa riding on a firetruck down Washington. Are we doing all the holidays early now #Hoboken? #
  • Just spent 3 min giggling at the tweets of @Helen_Keller. I need to get out more. Just as soon as my hair grows out. #
  • Working on the effing xmas letter. So far I've got "Seasons Greetings" and "In case you haven't heard, I'm not dying." That's enough, right? #
  • I may never leave the house again now that I've found my new best friend. I think this is my favorite post: #
  • I was just interviewed as part of @Neilochka's Great Interview Experiment. I don't think I left any visible scars. #
  • I need empty jars. Maybe I should just rifle through the building's recycling instead of consuming my weight in pickles, salsa, and jam. #
  • Gotta date with a vampire. Yes THAT one. Yes AGAIN. Shut it. #
  • I'm still receiving GOLF magazine for some unknown reason. No, it's not a gift from Tiger. I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep with him. #
  • I should really learn to be more decisive. Maybe. #
  • At Borders for @thepioneerwoman's book signing. Girlie draws a bigger crowd than @dooce. #
  • I know way too many sagitariuses…sagitari…oh whatever…the people having birthdays this month. I'm not sure my liver can take this. #
  • Note to self: No matter how badly you want the jar, refrain from eating pickles until you're done drinking your hot chocolate. Blech. #
  • If I pretend we sent Ginny away for a spa retreat rather than left her abandoned in a tow yard for a week, will I feel better about it? #
  • – Look what Rocco got for his birthday. He's actually eating it, too . #

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  1. DUUUUDE! Is that Kaukauna port wine and cheddar cheese spread? ‘Cause, if so, Rocco and I got a date with some Ritz crackers…
    .-= Falling´s last blog .. =-.

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