This week’s tweets

  • Ahhh the sweet smell of low tide. Good to be home. #hoboken #
  • I think I just found my holiday cards for this year. #
  • I'm behind the times, but here's my #red tweet for #WorldAIDSDay and @JessicaMargot's undoubtedly nifty dad. #
  • Ok my fellow music and lyrics (but not the bad movie) junkies, this one is for you. Props to @DadGoneMad. #
  • – Somebody missed Rocco sumtin fierce. #
  • While similar in packaging and coloring, curry paste and strawberry jam are NOT interchangeable. Lesson learned. #
  • Taking Webster to the doctor…again. All you iphone-ers can shut it. I'm never switching to AT&T. #
  • …and THAT is why I'll never switch to AT&T. Webster III is activated, updated, and in my hands in a mere 20 minutes. Yay Sprint! #
  • I seem to have developed an unfortunate allergy to well drinks. Ouch. #
  • My heart hurts. Life is wonderful, tragic, and fleeting all at the same time…it makes my brain hurt, too. I #BlameDrewsCancer. #
  • I just bought four pounds o' bacon. FOUR POUNDS. The things I do for my husband… #
  • Let's see…I could finish the portrait, work on the blog, or open a bottle of wine and watch the Muppet holiday special on TV. No brainer. #
  • Another portrait down…next! #
  • A french-esque Blondie cover…served on a doily. Holy merde I need caffeine. ♫ #
  • Jim Henson's Emmet Otter – the Musical. Somebody pinch me. Who's with me for a road trip to CT? #
  • Somehow I set off the fire alarm making collard greens. While Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray duke it out, I'm going to dethrone them both. #
  • Is it wrong that it sends me into fits of laughter that my mom says "us bitches" before she tells me what she and Dad are doing? #
  • Just taped two Christmas cards to my front door. Can I be done with decorating now? I've got food to burn, after all. #
  • – This is what I'm left with after Rocco fries up four lbs of bacon. #
  • Bad news: pairing a sweater vest with my LPGA haircut looks ridiculous. Good news: Already got my Ellen Degeneres costume for Halloween. #
  • Freezing my booty off in Manhattan. Hugh and Daniel better rock closing night or I'm gonna get bitter. #


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