This week’s tweets

  • I'm having a day…and not the good kind. Oh yay, I hear another hairball in the making. #
  • Webster – #
  • I'm going to cook up some kale, pour a glass of wine, and show this database who's boss. #
  • Us Weekly – #
  • I seem to have mastered the non sequitur. My work is done for the day. #
  • I'm not allowed to play with knives any more today. Holy bloody mess, Batman. #
  • Siblings – #
  • Dusting off my resume…boy am I out of practice. #
  • Alphabet City + pouring rain = special kind of hell #
  • Funny bathroom graffiti: A dyslexic man walks into a bra… #
  • I seem to have a hitch in my getalong. #
  • RT @stupidcancer: Blood Cancer 101, Someone Get The Twilight Kids…. #
  • Good news: my cat isn't dying. Bad news: she refuses to go get her UTI shot. Claws, cuts, teeth, and screams follow…who will win? #
  • I'm a little nervous about how very drunk my visitors sounded when they just called to say they're on their way. Look out, Hoboken. #
  • My razor is so dull, I didn't so much shave my legs today as give them a trim. At least I remembered both legs today… #

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