This week’s tweets

  • How is it possible that I didn't get an invite to the New Moon premier in Hollywood? Clearly I should talk about my obsession MORE. #
  • Oh goodie. We're going cigar shopping. It's like a dream come true. Cue Rod Stewart to complete my own personal hell. #
  • I never expected to hear "foot jobs" and "Angela Landsbury" in the same sentence. Just a night at home with Rocco and friends… #
  • I'm so giddy about the day I have planned I could just spit! Free tickets, Pearl Paint, and lunching with the 'girls' in Chelsea. I rule. #
  • Somewhere there's a margarita with my name on it…or there will be as soon as I find my sharpie. #
  • My jazz hands are still a-flyin' after a great show last night. Girl Crazy! was a blast…and Ana Gasteyer can actually sing! Who knew? #
  • Hoboken Twihards, u can see Twilight at 9 and New Moon at midnight at Clearview Cinema! They're also serving crack. #
  • I've managed to not buy tickets for New Moon…YET. Why can't I stop my inner 13 year old from screaming "EDWARD!!!"? #
  • It's on! I'm in the theater and Forks bound. I brought Rocco so I wouldn't be the oldest one here. He is not sufficiently excited. #newmoon #
  • Green tea in my nose!! RT @McSweeneysBooks: Catherine and Heathcliff audition for "Twilight": #newmoon #twilight #
  • Note to self, next time wash hands between working in charcoal and applying makeup. I know kohl liner is in, but probably not on my chin. #
  • Headed out for a night on the 'boken for Thom's bday. Maybe the stars will align and I can finally catch @mikecmusic at Northern Soul! #
  • I'd feel cool for being the only girl in a group of 10, but they are all math geeks so it doesn't count. #
  • I don't suppose the fifteen minutes I spent wrestling in and out of the torture device known as a sports bra counts as cardio… #
  • Kinda crazy (5 years later) to find out something you said changed someone's life. Maybe I should try thinking before speaking… #
  • Really? South Park the musical? Woof. #
  • Matt and Gwen are engaged! Anselmo wants to be the "ring baron." I just hope to get out of this without a butt bow. #
  • Time for Gay Thanksgiving '09! I made a bottle of wine…and cheese balls. They seemed appropriate. #
  • My cheeseballs were the second most popular set of balls at the party. Look out Martha! #

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