This week’s tweets

  • Look people, whoever decided to sign me up for a subscription to Golf Magazine is going to Hell. The end. #
  • Dear Itunes, it's far too early for random Richard Marx. I'm neither drunk nor nostalgic before noon – at least not today. #goodtimes #
  • Hoboken bound after a long, hard night. I don't think I like you, November. #
  • I get nervous when my husband asks me how to spell "bowel" this early in the morning. (Not that I like it after noon either.) #
  • Dear Trader Joe, #WeCoolAndAllBut discontinuing my vanilla marshmallows was just plain cruel. Now my Baileys is lonely in my hot chocolate. #
  • In a sassy state of mind and craving some Matthew Sweet. ♫ #
  • Happy Birthday to @EthanZohn! Here's wishing you many more. Keep kicking cancer's ass. #blameethanscancer #blamedrewscancer #
  • Based on the blue spots and rivulets covering my bathroom, I'm going to assume my husband's morning mouthwash routine ended with a sneeze. #
  • – Having a spot of tea above Times Square. The view of a giant golden disembodied hand costs extra so I'm sharing. #
  • Somehow I got sucked into @DebThaxton's world of Flashback Friday and today's Random Ramblings went all whacko. #
  • Actually, it's @marymac's fault, too…and the cold meds. If I don't find some tissues soon this shirt sleeve will never be soft again. #
  • I found Jesus in Ohio. No really. There's a picture and everything. #
  • – Almost halfway through Movember and Paul is turning into one hairy mo-ther. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • Have you ever noticed that the bathrooms in bars don't have baby changing stations? I'd think moms would need extra drinks. Niche missed. #
  • I'm updating the tags on some old posts and I must share my revelation: nearly every time I add the tag "Thom" I also add the tag "porn." #
  • These colds meds are seriously messing with my head. I'm entranced by spelling 2. Why does 'two' look so frickin' weird? Two. Freakish. #
  • This morning Mom says, "Try to make today's post less exciting than yesterday, honey." I don't think it was that bad. #

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