This Week’s Tweets

  • I've never thought of pureed zucchini as particularly aerodynamic, but boy can that stuff fly. #
  • Sleep – it's what's for dinner. #
  • Dear Aloysius, I apologize in advance for the swampy state of my pits when you have to search them later for swollen glands, but it is HOT. #
  • Wait, swampy pit probing isn't hot. At least I hope not. #
  • I meant it's hot outside. Though technically the temp of my pits will be hot, too. Just not sexually. #
  • That's another 6 months in remission and no more CT scans! *David Lee Roth kicks* #
  • There seems to be some confusion here. #
  • Now THAT was a good day. #


  1. You mean I have to read a tweet roundup to find out you passed another 6 months in remission? #$$%@%$$%%

    I mean, congrats. That’s FABULOUS news!

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