This week’s tweets

  • Going to try and escape from my wallowing with a sunny walk on the Hoboken waterfront. Thanks for all the love, guys and gals. #
  • In under a mile of walking I've passed no less than 7 people napping in their cars…with the engines running. Really? #
  • Is it really possible I don't have any rubber cement? Maybe Rocco's been huffing it when I'm not looking. Good thing CVS is still open! #
  • What's the perfect song to go with a mislabeled bottle of wine and rubber cement? Tada! ♫ #
  • Going to snap out of my funk and do people things today (despite the pouring rain). A nice lunch with dear friends is just the ticket. #
  • I'm starting to seriously regret the dairy-a-thon that was my day. I don't suppose wine is known for its stomach settling tendencies… #
  • Made it all day without crying even once! I'm going to celebrate by going to bed before I can break my dry streak. #
  • The sun is shining and kind words just made my day. It feels awful good to grin! ♫ #
  • I'm headed into town for the opening night of Finian's Rainbow…assuming whatever is wreaking havoc in the tunnel ends soon. #
  • Celebrity sightings on the red carpet – David Hasselhoff, Brini Maxwell, and Pam Horan! #
  • Add Rue McClanahan and Patrick Dempsey to celeb sigtings…. #
  • Headed for a secret rendezvous with my boyfriend Joe. He's a Trader by profession. I heart him so… #
  • Just watched a dirty old man flirt shamelessly w/ a gal wearing disturbingly revealing running shorts. Didn't help, just laughed, bad Elly. #
  • – Ya think reading a book on aliens and tomorrow's holiday is affecti ng my latest painting? #
  • Just watched Cruel Intentions 2…that's 90 minutes of my life I'm never getting back. #
  • It's a gray lazy morning. Sipping my hot tea and lovin' on BVSC. ♫ #
  • I'm toying with dressing up as Rachel Maddow for Halloween. This short hair ought to be good for something… #
  • I am completely distacted by the 50-something Legolas drinking wine with Marie Antoinette. In NYC you can never be sure they're in costume. #
  • This amuses me far more than it should…RT @tgrumm: Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga's Poker Face: #
  • I #blamedrewscancer for biting the inside of my lip. Repeatedly. Now off to write a best selling book touting this as the next diet craze. #

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