This Week’s Tweets

  • Me: "I need another song." Rocco: "Did you do Karl Marx yet?" Me: "You mean Richard?" Rocco: "Whatever." #
  • Amen. #
  • Rocco just tricked me into watching Moneyball. I'm never watching a baseball movie without Charlie Sheen and/or Jobu ever again. #
  • Either I've taken up sleepwalking, we have a ghost, or Mildred has learned how to operate light switches. #
  • Is it just me, or does the line between courage and stupidity get blurrier on a daily basis? #
  • This kid demands more costume changes than Gaga. #
  • Paul and his shadow. #


  1. ZOMG I was being a totally lazy skank and peeking at your blog from my reader (lazy mousehand) and then I saw the picture of Paul and his shadow and i had to come over here right away because oh ya, YUM! that kid is a beaut.

    your gams too, and I want that glass o wine. #justsayin’

    okey dokey. I’m all whooohooo Richard Marx song!!! But I have my reasons. And they are not reasonable.

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