This week’s tweets

  • The sun is out, my cat is fluid filled, and the Advil Cold & Sinus is working…look out Jersey, I'm on a roll. #
  • Ginny is a real city car now. You don't really need BOTH side mirrors, right? #
  • WooHOo! I'm almost getting good at the cat stabbing. Time to add another item to the related skills section of the resume. #
  • How weird is it that I like my shrink getting weepy when I tell her about my kitty? I know, we can discuss that next session. #
  • Ok Nyquil, let's see if you can knock my ass out enough to sleep through Rocco yelling at the TV. I'm already drooling – that's a good sign. #
  • No body breaks into song when I go grocery shopping. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • Dear Glee, you are like crack rock to me. That's how I "C" it. #
  • All projects aborted for the day. I will now go sing this song loudly on the 14th St Pier and soak up my vitam… ♫ #
  • There's a bird in my apartment. 1 Elly and 1.5 cats are losing their shit. The bird, too most likely. #
  • I will never ever understand heels with sweatpants. Never. #
  • Computer go boom. I miss having an IT dept. Guess I'll limit all my viewing of inappropriate content to Rocco's laptop. #
  • Just nominated @BugginWord for Best Blogger to Follow #openwebawards #
  • – Stage 2 of wine making – but Matt's going to drink it all before we get it in the press. #
  • This is not the day I had planned. I'd really like to switch back now, thanks. Here's hoping I do make the right decision. #
  • I have one less cat, and one new hole in my heart. #

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