This Week’s Tweets

  • Cutting out dairy is surprisingly easy…when you replace it with bacon and french fries. #
  • Huh. I thought for sure that diaper would smell like asparagus. Experiment FAIL. Also, I may need to get out more… #
  • Heh. I'm easily amused at 5am apparently. #
  • Surfing the Internet looking at the #PIPA and #SOPA blackouts feels a lot like driving around the neighborhood looking at Xmas decorations. #
  • Rocco just said, "When you say Harikrishna I think upbeat, fast tempo, and jazz hands." I got nothing, Interwebz. #
  • As per my dream last night, happiness is $6.95. Be warned, though. You need exact change. #
  • In light of my dream, I'm guessing the latest issue of Out Magazine costs $6.95. Yay @actuallynph! #
  • Rocco to Paul: "You're planking, dude! You're a meme!" #
  • Rather than wasted milk,I prefer to think spit-up is Paul's interpretation of "one for my homies." #
  • Boo. Hiss. #


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