This Week’s Tweets

  • Everyday is an exciting new adventure in bodily fluids…and not so fluids. #
  • He may look like Rocco, but he inherited at least one thing from me… #
  • Rocco just said with no hint of sarcasm, "Hopefully it snows." I'll be spending the next forty minutes lecturing and slapping him. #
  • Day 5 dairy free…and I've somehow managed not to cut anyone. Yet. #
  • I just slept for eight (EIGHT!) consecutive hours. *cue heavenly chorus* #
  • All due respect, King Missile – but I'd rather have detachable boobs. #
  • So excited to get my hair chopped off I'm practically vibrating. Then again, that might just be the caffeine. #
  • I love everything about this. Thanks @JettSuperior #
  • After hours of skyping with Grandma, Paul is now trying to have a conversation with a Wham video on the iPad. Yes I said Wham. #soHipItHurts #
  • The upside of having burp clothes all over the place? Ya never have to hurt your hand on those pesky twist-offs. Yay beer. #
  • Bright lights, big kiddie – Time for Paul's first trip to Midtown…and a much needed mimosa. #


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