This Week’s Tweets

  • *Dad returns from fetching the paper* "Best news ever! Oscar de la Renta has managed to combine earmuffs and headphones!" #
  • it's not every day you find a tinfoil-wrapped, stuffed kangaroo in your mailbox. #
  • Mom: "You already serviced all those trees out back, right?" Me: "Can we maybe rethink our verb choice?" #
  • Huh. Turns out a bowl of spinach does not fulfill a craving for chicken fingers, a cheeseburger, OR nachos. Go figure. #
  • What. A. Day. (And it ain't even noon…) #
  • This day demands a beer. Or seventeen. #
  • Isabella isn't having a good day either. #


  1. Someday Soon I shall venture North on the Turnpike of jersey and we can talk about fecal consistancy and the length of time a human can actually go without a shower.
    Well, at least that’s what I talked about for a year after my first kid.
    Anyway. hugs and kisses to the fearsome threesome. Elly, Rocco, Paul.

  2. So the other day Lu calls me into her room to check out her baby’s poop. It looked like blood. I advised her to call the pediatrician, who informed her that the prescribed antibiotic would cause diarrhea and would turn his poop red. That little detail might have been nice to know up front. But it wasn’t until she was cleaning poop off of his head later (do not ask), that I thought of you and the fun you’ll have this first year! *smooches*


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