This Week’s Tweets

  • I may or may not have wrapped all the presents with glue sticks and rubber bands. And Paul may or may not be covered in glitter. #
  • New ring = awesome fun #
  • "Honey, do we have a protractor?" – Not what I was expecting. #
  • Why does this amuse me so? #
  • This waiting room smells like home perms and Mr. Pibb. #
  • …and then I looked so anxious my nurse pushed the panic button and they wouldn't let me leave. Remind me next scan I NEED Lorazapam. #
  • Chill the prosecco – three years clean and counting! #FuckCancer #


  1. Great Christmas news, Elly — 3 years of kicking cancer’s ass! And that silent Hallelujah Chorus is hilarious! My, isn’t Paul precocious in the stache department? Such a talented boy.

  2. I went to this sweet little cafe just down the street from my apartment which I hardly ever even visit, but they have a ukelele gang, and that made me think of you.

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