This Week’s Tweets

  • Note to self: get giant recording contract, become superstar, then hire this chick to be in my next music video. — #
  • Learning the hard way that Thrush is not a bunch of guys with lisps singing Rush songs. #
  • Dear me, take a shower. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!! #
  • Because glitter is always a good idea at 1am — Strangle a Tampon for Jesus #
  • Please @harto, the world needs a mashup from you two. I vote you drunkenly prepare goulash together. #
  • Les Mis on PBS?!?! Clearly all plans for sleep must be delayed. I'm such a #theaternerd #
  • I just made your morning. You're welcome. — Dancing With An iPod To “All I Want For Christmas Is You” In Public #
  • Hoping I'll have time tonight to string Paul's ukulele… #


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