This week’s tweets

  • I seem to be out of clean underwear. Guess it's time to head back to Jersey…as soon as I finish glazing these 'shrooms. #
  • Tired as hell but safe and sound back in the 'boken. Looking forward to hangin' with Rocco and the gatos. #
  • It's definitely not 85 degrees and this beer is definitely not $1.50. North Carolina, I miss you. #
  • Caffeine isn't cutting it today. Let's see if this gets me going. I need to launder my karma, regardless. ♫ #
  • Raise $1mill for #LIVESTRONG without costing you a penny. Follow @drewfromtv on twitter. All the cool kids are doing it. #
  • – Just got my Hoboken Library card. Look what I checked out for the next TWO WEEKS! #
  • Off to the wilds of NJ to conquer the first step in making our next batch of wine. I'm in charge of quality control… #
  • – Our giant bucket of wine to be…still just damn expensive grape ju ice at this point. #
  • May have "sampled" too much wine to work the GPS. Damn you Jersey and your no left turns. #
  • Boy did I pick a beautiful day to lock myself out of the apartment. At least the milk won't go bad. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • Ok D.Brown readers, use your noetic powers 2 think away the rain. I'll still #LightTheNight in galoshes, regardless. #
  • – Lighting the night…and freezing my cancer free booty right off! #
  • I have to say it's much nicer lookin towards Sloan from the bridge, than being at Sloan and looking towards the bridge. #
  • Headed to the vet with the old lady to see if her new BP meds are working. Fingers crossed. ♫ #
  • Chemo brain strikes again. This time I've locked myself AND my cat out of the apt. My Spider Elly trick isn't working, either. #
  • – Does she let blindness stop her from exploring the stairs while we' re stuck out here? Nope. #
  • – Shiny new PATH cars – when did these happen? #
  • I don't like any of my options today. Too bad hiding in bed isn't one of them. I #blamedrewscancer. #beatcancer #
  • Ever throw on yesterday's jeans in a hurry, then halfway down the street a dirty sock shimmies down your leg onto the sidewalk? Me either. #
  • – Our most recent addition to the arsenal of kitty care products. Bag s are creepy, period. #
  • It looks like they're filming an episode of Cops right underneath my window….except there are no cameras. #
  • Now I get to listen to my drunk husband and my drunk brother engage in a battle of wits over the phone. Who's winning? Certainly not me. #
  • Just hit the Neumann Leather building on the Hoboken Artist Studio Tour…ready to trade my soul for a Michelle Doll painting. So intimate! #
  • Three jabs and 70cc's later, my chair is soaked and my cat still dehydrated. I #blamedrewscancer. #

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