This Week’s Tweets

  • "Dad, can you please press 'left boob start' on the baby app?" Seems I need a village AND several electronic devices…. #
  • He asked: "What would you like for lunch?" He meant: "What do you think you might still eat after it's cold and congealed?" #
  • I have that cheesy 80's tune "Hungry Eyes" stuck in my head. Two guesses on who I'm blaming… #
  • Giggle! — Movie Review: TWILIGHT!!! OMG!!! @sprocketink #
  • A beer and chips for dinner, a boob pumping in the bath, in bed before 10pm – do I know how to Saturday night or what? #NotAnEltonJohnSong #


  1. So I forgot to tell you what nobody every tells anyone. That first three months? 150 years long. Holy. Cow.

    Also? The first year? 15 years.

    So you can see that it gets better, right?!

    Oh, and you have my encouragement to kick anyone who says (in the grocery store when you AND your kid are covered in snot/puke/pee/whatever) Enjoy this time. It goes by so quickly.

    Kick ’em. Just kick ’em hard. And just in case it doesn’t bug you like it freakin’ bugged me? Kick ’em for me. Hard. Thank you. <3 hope all is going okay.

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