This Week’s Tweets

  • Happy #LIVESTRONGDay I'd wear yellow, but none of my clothes fit anymore – and it's pretty nifty I lived to see that. #
  • Boy do I know how to break computers. Even erasing the hard drive and reinstalling OS didn't work. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow… #
  • The Giving Tree…from a different perspective. @moooooog35 updates the childhood classic – with obscenities! Yay! — #
  • I went for a power waddle. Still pregnant. Apparently "brisk" is a relative term and doesn't count when weather related. #
  • Just watched 50/50. Still processing…but in short – 5 stars. Also? I'm super grateful for my own, personal Seth Rogans. #
  • A Bojangles chicken biscuit for breakfast hand carried from Virginia? My parents lurv me. #
  • There's a lot of things I'd like my booty to do, but "go clap" just isn't one of them. No offense to your beat, Lil Jon. #
  • Cancer, you suck. #
  • Me: here's accupressure points to induce labor. Mom: let's get the needles! Me: PRESSURE, lady. Not puncture. Put the knife down. #
  • Another example of my supportive family: "So has Rocco started practicing masturbating to pictures of like….pastrami?" #

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