This Week’s Tweets

  • Does anyone else confuse Pat Robertson with Rob Pattinson when reading headlines quickly? #PatSparklesTooRight #
  • Crafty friends rock. #
  • I watched this on Sunday and I still can't stop thinking about it. I'm not ready for another election. #
  • It's time to re-zone this body as single occupancy, already. I can't even talk about what's happening with my belly button. #
  • It clicks the link and becomes a fan or else it gets the hose a…gahn? Shut up. It rhymes if you cross your eyes. — #
  • I would be much happier if my mac would just burst into flames instead of this passive aggressive bullshit. #WhatIsItAboutMeAndElectronics #
  • According to @klout, I'm influential about batteries. I don't get it. #
  • Well done, Google. — Jim Henson Honored With Interactive Muppets Google Doodle [VIDEO] #