This Week’s Tweets

  • Not wanting to relive it is not the same as trying to forget it ever happened. If you need me, I'll be hiding from all media today. #
  • As Rocco heads out to mow the lawn rocking his gym shorts and black socks, I'm realizing that I may well have married my dad. #
  • I seem to have broken my mac.I didn't even know that was possible. #IShouldntBeAllowedNearElectronics #
  • If you haven't yet, please "like" the fan page for Lymphomania – my cancer memoir. I'll owe you a pony. Or twelve. #
  • A fascinating and (fingers crossed) promising new treatment for cancer – thanks to the AIDS virus. #
  • Speaking of cancer and kicking its ass, @LaBarreness is back. And I couldn't be happier. #
  • If you string the words molten, lava, and chocolate together on a desert menu, I'm pretty much doomed. #
  • I happen to think this is a perfectly acceptable "going home" outfit for the parasite. My mother has her doubts. #
  • I'm enjoying this crisp weather but my toes aren't. Good thing Rocco's home to help with socks. #
  • Rocco: Pedophillia jokes don't seem as quite as funny as they used to…but I can't seem to stop telling them. #

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  1. you took that first tweet right out of my head Elly.
    And until I see photographic proof, I will not believe Rocco mowed the lawn in black socks and gym shorts.

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