This week’s tweets

  • Packing up and heading out for NC. Underwear, check. Deodorant, check. Kale, check. Shoes for wedding, check. Concrete molds, check. #
  • Just barely in range of WQFS – almost there! Who's a happy girl? #
  • Strolling down Franklin Street in Chapel Hill – how is such a shitty school in such a cute hood? #
  • I just asked Dad for a calculator and he handed me a slide ruler. #
  • I can't help it. I can't not giggle when Mom says "penis." Fortunately she says it A LOT. #
  • Is lisp one syllable or two? Maybe I just put too much "pah" into it. #
  • I just ran into my elementary school bus driver, Mrs. Rachel Mack. She doesn't look a day older and is still driving her route. How bad ass! #
  • Grrrr! RT @enviroblog Gaiam Admits Aluminum Bottles Leach Bpa At Nearly 20 Times Siggs Levels || ZRecommends: #
  • I just bought myself a pair of hiking boots for my bday. Start emailing me with dates for day trips my lovelies. #
  • – The Bog Garden is still gorgeous…and the site of some serious smo och fests for the teen set. #
  • – Dinner with the fam. Dad is rather talented. #
  • Thanks for a fantastic day all you beautiful people. This was so much fun, I think I'll have a birthday again next year. #
  • Reading 'You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start in the Morning' and I can't stop giggling. Thx Drew n Kate! #
  • Off to find some bar called Coopers. I'm still fuzzy on how people "go out drinking" in the land of no public transit. #
  • Beers for $1.50! I'm moving back to NC. #
  • Mom's awful cranky doing the crossword today. When we don't know a word for cub scout leader starting with "u" she squeals "You are dumb." #
  • Wedding bound. My date is my high school boyfriend. The bride's sister is his high school girlfriend. Dizzy yet? Home sweet home. #
  • …and then the bride's dress caught on fire. #
  • I hate to leave Greensboro (and the faces of old friends that send my soul singing) but sadly I'm VA bound. #

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