This Week’s Tweets

  • I get knocked up, move to suburbia, and suddenly I'm all "Imma learn to sew and make my own mobile." I need an int #
  • The clouds today look so delicious I could just pop them in my mouth. Or maybe I'm hungry. Or both. #
  • I dreamt last night that Robert Palmer had a pixie cut like Emma Watson and served me gazpacho in a pimp cup. No more cayenne before bed. #
  • Wait, I meant Robert Plant. Or maybe it was just a really ugly Emma Watson. Or maybe I should stop typing seeing as how I'm sleep deprived. #
  • I am tragically good at spending money. #
  • My favorite line I've read today? "Because I paid good money to watch Orlando Bloom kicking ass in a Lady Gaga wig." Thanks @kg_iheart ! #
  • Nerds baking. Brilliant! – dinosaur excavation cake #
  • Oh lovely. — 10 Things You Should Know About New York City And Hurricanes #
  • The line at the Maplewood Home Depot to buy generators. Yes the line goes all the way to the end of the store. #
  • I thought moving out to the suburbs would make it hard to convince city peeps to visit. Turns out all it takes is the occasional hurricane. #
  • "I ain't fraid of no ghost." Preparing for Irene by sprawling on the couch with Peter Venkman. #

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  1. Intervention is forthcoming.

    I went a whole week without reading your blog. I’m pretty sure I had withdrawal symptoms. Feeling much better now.


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