This Week’s Tweets

  • I'm pretty sure it's never too early for a brownie. Or prosecco. But I only have access to one of them right now… #
  • Chop me into nuggets, deep fry me, dip me in BBQ sauce, and call me chicken. Just can't do it. #
  • I call this "Pregnant Chick in an 80's Music Video." #
  • I'm starting to suspect that labor might actually be more pleasant than the customer service at @PotteryBarnKids. #
  • I wanna be Grandmaster Flash when I grow up. #
  • Too late for 2nd lunch yet too early for 1st dinner…that leaves only chocolate, right? #
  • Yeah, sure, they got in a few blows – but you should've seen those lilies when I finished with 'em. #


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