This week’s tweets

  • Is it just me or does the new Muse track make you want to put on a long striped scarf and climb into the TARDIS… ♫ #
  • I #blamedrewscancer for my little chemo brain sucking at code. Tables? Frames #
  • …and for not being able to type, too. #
  • Ain't nothing better than running into an old friend on the street and grabbing a beer in the middle of the day. #
  • Just consumed a chocolate malt at Schnippers. So hopped up on sugar my heart might beat right out of my chest. Will now sprint back to NJ. #
  • I fished my wish!! #
  • This dip in temperature makes me extra grateful I've got hair again. #
  • Support Lance and #LIVESTRONG global cancer fight. Add wristband to your Twitter with 1-click – #
  • I #BlameEthansCancer and #BlameDrewsCancer for making me read so much about #LIVESTRONG Day – and the brutal paper cut on my typing finger. #
  • Talk about social media for a good cause! @drew is having quite a week. I #blamedrewscancer and #blameethanscancer. #
  • Heard Thurston Moore on Soundcheck today and had a hankerin' for what may well be my favorite rock song of all … ♫ #
  • Just spend twenty minutes on the phone with Dad before he said, "Gotta row honey, I'm starting to drift into the main channel. " #
  • I'm off to see BahRooce!! Can't live in Jersey this long and not get sucked in. #
  • – Bruce is playing Born in the USA in its entirety. Woot! #
  • Not to be a big softy, but The Rising still makes me a little teary. #
  • Trying to harness my inner Mr. Miyagi and catch this damn fruit fly! #

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