This Week’s Tweets

  • Was that the Jersey state line already? *panics, teases hair, applies press-on nails, practices fist pumps* Ok, carry on. #
  • Those considering mating with a time-traveling sea-monkey, you've been warned: @sprocketink @pugalistatrest @orjustbeth #
  • Dammit autocorrect! I did not type, "I'll feces the package later today." #
  • Who has two thumbs, an unhealthy obsession with petite lap giraffes, and final approval on her mortgage… #
  • Hell's yes, Albany! Now let's deck the streets in purple glitter and blast some Gloria Gaynor! #


  1. It’s always important to remember to tease hair BEFORE applying press-on nails or they’ll pop right off and get stuck in your hair. Don’t ask how I know this.

    And New York has me all excited with hope. Yay!

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