This week’s tweets

  • Sometimes I'm just plum giddy over the nifty things my friends do. What a mess o' rock stars. #
  • I'm trying to decide if my current painting is done, so avoiding looking at it for a week. PS hard to ignore a 4 ft canvas in 600 sq ft apt. #
  • Major case of the dropsies today – two bowls chipped and one jar shattered. Webster even took a little swim. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • – Only in Hoboken: Kids playing keep away with a rubber chicken for r ecess. #
  • Is something up on the Hudson? That's a whole mess of Coast Guard boats. #
  • Taking Simone to the vet. AGAIN. I need a frequent flyer program. Cross your fingers for the ancient gato. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • I'm awful glad having my temp taken doesn't involve Vaseline. Poor Simone is heavily medicated and hiding under the bed. I need a drink. #
  • Impossible not to cheer up with this song playing. Thanks, Evan. ♫ #
  • Had to get off the train 3 stops early 'cause the guy next to me kept popping zits on his upper arms. Still dryheaving. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • Look peeps, if you're going to pee standing up you need to lift the seat – regardless of gender. #
  • I see the moon. The moon sees me. The moon sees the one that I long to see…. #
  • On the phone with the 'rents and Dad is trying to explain the proper conjugation for the verb "wring" … as in I'm gonna wring your neck. #
  • Rain, rain, go away. It's Arts and Music Fest today! I heart Hoboken. #
  • Watching a thick old woman, complete with purple hair and pearl studs ROCK OUT at the downtown stage. My day is complete. #
  • Warning: Attempting the 'Single Ladies' dance in the shower may lead to permanent injury. Seriously. Wha-a-Ouch. #

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