This week’s tweets

  • Back in the ‘boken, sore crotch and all. I’m completely uninspired to move a muscle. I just might celebrate with a nap. #
  • I’m awfully glad kettles make noise when they start boiling. I completely forgot I’d turned that bad boy on. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • This makes me ridiculously happy! RT @TreeHugger: Wow. Patagonia to SIGG: We’re Finished! #
  • If I have 150 gigs of music on my machine, why does iTunes insist on playing the same ten songs over and over again? Grumble. #
  • The construction on 14th smells just like chemo tastes. I could have done without that flashback. #
  • Just had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen since Feb. He says I’ve gotten muche fiestier…I didn’t even show him my David Lee Roth kicks. #
  • – I’m watching a woman vacuum the sidewalk across the street. No really. #
  • Feeling homesick as “Have you ever seen a she-gator protect her younguns?” warbles from my speakers. #
  • Heading into town to go see Bye, Bye Birdie. I never pass up a chance to see a show! I’m so excited I’m almost jealous of myself! #
  • I #blamedrewscancer for gals wearing ridiculous volumes of perfume in enclosed spaces. Try a shower. #
  • This gets me all kinds of riled up: Thx @enviroblog. #
  • I #blamedrewscancer for databases exploding…but I love the service reps at Media Temple for fixing it so quickly! #
  • Getting my sneaks out of the freezer and preparing to kick Gwen’s ass on the courts. Stay away, rain.#
  • I’m one lucky gal – always surprised by how many wonderful people I know. I count you as one of those wonderful people, doncha know. #
  • Looking forward to the seventeen nightmares I’ll be having tonight about this little guy. Glad it’s the other Jersey. #
  • Somber weather, somber mood, somber day. #
  • Sometimes I wish I had a pony just so I could name him WildFire. #
  • I might really enjoy NPR’s Jonathan Schwartz … if he didn’t insist on speaking. #
  • Batter is mixed, oven is pre-heated, and suddenly I realize I have no baking sheets. I #blamedrewscancer (and maybe my chemo brain, too.) #
  • I’ve decided that even if a fantastic concert is free (, I’m too lazy to deal with train, bus, AND shuttle on a Sunday. #
  • Just had the sudden urge to accomplish something today. I’m sure a few rounds of Bejeweled will clear that right up. #
  • Just when I thought he couldn’t be a bigger ass, Kanye takes it up a notch.
    What a complete tool. #VMAs #
  • Beyonce might just be the classiest gal ever. I respect her even more. #VMAs #

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